Q Marks the Spot 133 (November 2019)

Sacred Treasure When C. S. Lewis predicted our doom: on his Abolition of Man and That Hideous StrengthFascinating: Does Science Disprove Adam and Eve? An Interview with a Biologist and a MathematicianSome very helpful and intriguing visualisations of biblical data…

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Q Marks the Spot 130 (August 2019)

Sacred Treasure Ian Paul on form here with his take on power relationships and undermining unhelpful deference to the clergy.4 Encouraging Truths for Christians battling with Mental illnessAndrew Haslam has written a careful piece on a contentious subject - 10…

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Q Combinations 21: The big IF of Easter (from AE Housman & Eugène Burnand)

There is an emotional complexity to this wonderful painting by Swiss artist Eugène Burnand. I know very little about him, apart from the usual resort of Wikipedia. But he manages to capture a moment of almost frantic inquisitiveness, as Peter and his young, fellow-disciple John rush in the golden sunrise light to the burial garden. Their faces seem filled with anxiety, confusion, hope, wonder, and longing all at once. Hoping against hope, but fearing a con, or something worse? Could Mary Magdalene, first to visit the tomb, possibly have been right...?

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