Noted small entry in today’s paper: US gets a female president in TV Show 24.

You will have read here back in February of my surmise about David Palmer in 24 being a stalking horse for Barack Obama – well as if to prove me right, here is news of a similar note – Cherry Jones (right) is to play President Alison Taylor in the next series of 24.

As explicitly said by Rod Lurie, the producer of (what I consider to be) the risible Commander-in-Chief (in which Geena Davies played President Mackenzie Allen), the intention had always been to prepare the ground for a female president:

Those of us who were intimately involved in the show did have the agenda of trying to get a woman in the White House, not necessarily Hillary Clinton, but any woman.

Perhaps it’s all part of a Hollywood plot to get them both in – see my more recent dream ticket post

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