senator-clinton2.jpgFurther to my ill-informed and presumptuous dalliances into American politics (eg 9 Feb 07), I’ve just had a crazy idea – I don’t think I’ve read this anywhere else, so i think it is original – but no doubt will be proved wrong as to others this is probably as obvious as the day is long (or words to that effect). A friend has just been talking to colleagues (on their return from Washington) who observed that the vast majority of people they met anticipate Hillary becoming the first female US president – for good or ill. But it occurred to me with all the banter and bartering that is going on in the US Democratic Party Primaries at the moment – especially with the Hillary camp reportedly being v surprised by the surge in support for Barack Obama – that what may well end up happening is that Hillary will get the nomination and ask Barack to be her running mate.

  • She’s a white woman; he’s a black man (to state the completely obvious)
  • She’s the old guard – but has experience; he’s the fresh face – but only has 2 years in national politics
  • She’s got a more sleazy background but still has the support; he’s squeaky clean (at the moment) and is building support
  • TOGETHER – they’d be pretty unbeatable, I’d have thought. Hillary is actually more politically centre-ground than many in the Democratic party, and certainly more than Barack. But their appeal together could be significant – demographically, politically, historically.

In no sense is this an endorsement of either candidate (so if either of them tries to imply from this blog that I am offering even a hint of my approval at this stage, they will find themselves in trouble). But I just thought I’d flag it up now. If I’m completely wrong, then who am I? Just a pesky limey who should keep his nose out of areas that don’t concern him. However, if I’m spot on – then I’m a political commentator with prophetic insight and a stylish finger on the button. In that case, please remember that YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST.

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  1. Ross Hendry

    I’m sure we have talked about this before and I pointed out what a good team they would make!
    Unlike you I did commit myself to my dream ticket: it is BO with HC as the VP. Ironically despite now being far more centerist and conservative (not Conservative mind you) HC is still a polarising figure and has too many negatives to be a strong presidential condidate, whereas BO, despite being far more liberal is ‘percieved’ by most Americans to be nice and moderate. He also does not have a track record to knock down! HC’s experience and money next to eloquent passionate and reasonable BO would be a powerful ticket indeed. There – I’ve nailed my colours to the mast! – Oh yes, and as a Democratic ticket you must have at least one half form a Southern State.

  2. markmeynell

    Oh Ross – surely i didn’t get this thought from you. How embarrassing if not downright humiliating. I’m sure though that i can take the credit for shaping and moulding the idea to render it more presentable. Perhaps i should start spinning full-time…

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