Ok – this is only really going to make sense of US TV fans. But it is common knowledge that the creators of the risible (ie not a patch on the seminal West Wing) COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF about the first female US President (played by Geena Davis) partly have in mind the desire to ease the path for a second Clinton presidency. Seeing a fictional female president on TV will help people to adjust to a real one.

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So I’ve had a slightly mad thought – did the creators of 24 see Barack Obama coming – potentially the first black president? After all, Obama does rhyme with Palmer…

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  1. Melinda Hendry

    The unfortunate thing for Hillary is that Commander-In-Chief got cancelled after the first season in America! Maybe it was a champagne moment for the creators of 24…

  2. Scott F.

    I believe that ’24’ helped breakdown the color barrier for many of us. Like Barack Obama this year, we got to know David Palmer as a person. The color of his skin was unimportant. He was a man of intergrity, and there was a level of comfort when he spoke. You knew he was the right man for the job.

    We can certainly hope that President Obama won’t have to make some of the earth-shattering decisions that David Palmer did. However, this country needed an historic change in leadership, and I believe skin color had very little to do with it.

  3. John Goering

    I liked Palmer so much I would have voted for the actor if he had promised to try his best to act like Palmer.

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