In case you  missed this from a few months ago, here is a fantastic video from the genii at Conspiracy of Freedom – I was reminded of it by the Simple Pastor – and it is definitely worth revisiting. Not sure where they got their graph stats from or on what basis they were drawn, but the general point is well made, entirely valid and utterly sobering.

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  1. Ian Paul

    Mark I think this is fantastic and 90% spot on. But it is worth noting that ADULTS now spend more time in front of screens (like I am now!!) because that is how we do things now, and not all screen time is bad time. Was playing ‘Just Dance’ with my kids last night time spent in front of a screen…?

    1. quaesitor

      Yes you are right. And there is a sense of irony that the creators of the film must have spent HOURS in front of screens!

      Also perhaps it is important to make the distinction between good screen time and unhealthy screen time. We’ve started doing a lot of Wii party games en famille and it’s been fab!

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