HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hoping 2021 is better than 2020!!

Sacred Treasure

Sad to begin 2021 like this, but I felt it was unavoidable. The repercussions are going to be felt for many years to come – and I fear the general reputations of big-name church leaders will deteriorate before remotely improving. (More than one report into abusive behaviours is due this year.)

The true horrors of what Ravi Zacharias got up to during his global ministry are emerging. If proven, he may well end up as the church’s Jeffrey Epstein. And yet another toppled evangelical icon. It is bewildering and galling, especially for the victimized and betrayed. Kyrie Eleison. There’s too much to say really, though some of it does fit with what I’ve been writing recently. A handful of links to begin processing:

And on to other matters (thankfully).

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Moving on from the extraordinary:

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