Healthy Faith and the Coronavirus Crisis Assets Mark Meynell4

I meant to post a fortnight ago, but it kept slipping my mind. Ironic really because this project completely commandeered my headspace for 10 whole days – which was literally the total time from commissioning to final submission.

I was asked in April by Kristi Mair, the co-editor of the book to contribute a chapter on the Imagination. A range of different folks would be writing but the deadline was absurdly tight. The crisis was in full-swing but nobody knew for how much longer (we still don’t). So this was what they call ‘time-sensitive’. The plan was for an e-book with possible print publication later (which is now happening this coming June, in fact). 

In actual fact, I found it a hugely stimulating exercise to focus on the importance of our imaginations; it would never have occurred to me to suggest doing it, nor had I previously given much thought to any reasons why we have an imagination at all, let alone why this might be relevant in the current crisis. Usually, we just focus (if at all) on what we might do with our imaginations. So it was all quite fun.

The book has been out for a week or two now… so what’s stopping you?

Healthy Faith is available here:

The paperback version is available for pre-order all over…

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