Hurrah – just in time for the book’s release in the USA, Australia and elsewhere, here is the second of our two promo videos, made by the super-talented John Bowen. He’s animated the whole thing himself and, I’m sure you’ll agree, it is just superb.

I’m also thrilled to have the one and only Sally Phillips very kindly doing the different voices. It was really kind of her to do it.

The first short concerned life in the cave and was called I hate depression; this one is called Changing Your Pastoral Phrasebook… It is aimed at helping those who want to help those who live in the cave (which corresponds to the penultimate chapter in the book).

You can get hold of the book online more or less anywhere now… you’ll have your own sources and routes, I’m sure. But you can find more details on this site.

Please spread the love far and wide!!

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