A couple of weeks ago, James Cary invited himself for lunch – and then we hooked up online with our old friend Barry Cooper (now living in Florida, for reasons best known to him and his new wife) for a chat.

Well, two chats to be precise.

With recording devices.

For their podcast.

I sometimes feel that they are a bit like the Statler and Waldorf of the Christian podcasting world – but they take it in good grace, and often (if not always) have interesting things to say – so it is definitely worth following them.

So here they are.

#20 – On Leaving Facebook

Picking up my departure from FB last year, prompted at the end by the John Lanchester LRB article.

#21 – When Darkness Seems My Closest Friend

we chatted about my book on depression and ministry that, believe it or not, comes out in around 6 weeks! Yikes!

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