This post is not exactly in the heat of the moment. But because the site for which I wrote the article is no longer in action, I presumed that the world needed the benefit of its insights (hoho) and so thought I’d repost, albeit with the notes from the talk I’ve given a few times based on it.

Because U2’s last but one album, No Line On The Horizon, has definitely improved with age, despite the naysayers and sceptics (especially those who cried foul over the absurdities of the Apple megadeal and automatic global distribution of the subsequent album, Songs of Innocence). Quite apart from loving the music, it seems marinaded in deep theological reflection and insight. The careful sequence of songs 2-4 in particular is nothing short of masterly.



Here is the official video for Magnificent, filmed in Fez, Morocco.


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  1. kennedyjoanne

    Where is the rest of this article, am I being blind – but can’t see it

    1. quaesitor

      it is an embedded pdf – you may not be able to see that clearly on a small screen, but you can scroll down the article…

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