IVP has been running a blog series on John Stott’s thought – they’ve produced a number of short videos about it, accompanied by relevant posts. So I was delighted to contribute, writing the article to accompany the great David Turner.

It is a curious fact. John Stott was a life-long Anglican, resolutely committed to ministry within the Church of England. In fact, for well over eighty years of his ninety years, he was a member, and sometime leader, of just one Anglican church: All Souls, Langham Place.

Despite this unusually restricted church experience, he was determined and committed to generous partnership with believers from across the world and across the churches.

This arose out of his deep biblical convictions about the nature of God’s church in the world. The Church’s unity is:

  • far more fundamental
  • far more challenging and yet
  • far more urgent

than we might realise…. (For more, read on here)

Portrait of John Stott (Christianity Today, Feb 2012) by Brian Taylor
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