I guess being a U2 devotee is a bit like supporting a top-flight football team. You can’t wait for their next match, and yet there’s always asense ofdread that it won’t come to much. The rumours about a new album(s) have been circulating for years. And then suddenly, there it was. Already in iTunes playlists, without any warning. How bizarre is that?! Nothing if not bold, and perhaps mildly megalomaniacal. The Bono-haters will certainly think so.

I’ve not had the chance for a serious listen – I usually find I need to live with an album for a bit before making judgments. But first impressions are (thankfully) very positive. Lots to love here.

As before, I’ve made a lyric wordle of the album:

U2 - Songs of Innocence wordle

Is this suggestive of anything? It’s always a slightly artificial exercise, of course, since the repetition of lines in songs may be demanded more by the music than the meaning. However, it is interesting that knowledge and perception are standouts. An epistemological album? We’ll see.

Bono gave only one pre-release interview in Rolling Stone, here.

I’ll do my usual posts in the weeks to come. But here is a round up of the initial responses:


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