Friday saw the end of our annual All Souls church week away, during which I was speaking on a series of psalms from David’s life. The result is now online on iTunes, for general amusement, delectation and/or edification.

The outline of the series went as follows (with the final one being a much shorter, all-age talk):

  1. SHEPHERD: The Shepherd Boy, Shepherd King, Shepherd God (Psalm 23 & 1Sam16-17)
  2. REFUGE: The Attacked But Shielded King (Psalm 59 & 1Sam18-19)
  3. MERCY: The Guilty But Forgiven King (Psalms 32, 51 & 2Sam11-12)
  4. SUFFERING: The Tortured But Trusting King (Psalm 22 & 1Sam18-31 / 2Sam15-18)
  5. ETERNITY: The Crowned But Eternal King (Psalm 110 & 2Sam7)
  6. EVERYTHING: The God Worthy of All Praise (Psalm 24) – All-age talk

The aim was to place some very familiar and much-loved psalms in the context of David’s personal experiences and thus draw out even greater resonances and significance. Hence the background from 1 & 2 Samuel.

For those who like these sorts of things, here are the notes:

If you don’t have iTunes, you can get hold of the talks through the Jellycast raw feed here Q-podcast-psalms

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