Ongoing writing means lack of ongoing blogging, as ever. But the end is in sight. On the home straight for getting full draft editor by 1st Jun.

But here are a few links for this Holy Week

  • First up, is a little piece I did to contribute to the EA’s Holy week reflections – mine yesterday was on Matthew 27:46, and I started with one of my favourite quotes about living Africa, from Michela Wrong.

When the motor-launch deposited mein the cacophony of the quayside … I was hit by the sensation that so unnerves first-time visitors to Africa… when white, middle-class Westerners finally understand what the rest of humanity has always known – that there are places in the world where the safety net they have spent so much of their lives erecting is suddenly whipped away, where the right accent, education, health insurance and a foreign passport – all the trappings that spell ‘It can’t happen to me’ – no longer apply, and their well-being depends on the condescension of strangers.

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… Alternative explanations either contradict well-established facts, or they cannot explain these phenomena. The only plausible explanation is that something quite extraordinary happened, and the notion that Jesus was raised back to life is the only one that fits these facts.

An orthodox Good Friday procession on the Via Dolorosa (Jerusalem)
An orthodox Good Friday procession on the Via Dolorosa (Jerusalem)
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