Sacred Treasure

Topical Treasure

  • Intriguing list from Blomberg of the world’s Best and Worst
  • Fascinating: the BBC’s first man in Moscow
  • Using a sledgehammer to crack a failing company in China – interesting blend of eastern and western thinking in the corporate world
  • This is spectacular: 6 students at de Montfort University have created a glorious 3d animation to help visualise London just before the Great Fire of 1666 – it’s not hard to understand why the place went up in smoke after checking this out:
  • I’m always acutely aware of the environment that I live in. So I think it really does make a difference if grim surroundings are improved even a little bit (see this old post after a visit to Tirana). Now, check out the inspiring work from Haas and Hahn in Rio:

Quirky Treasure

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