Just back from doing the All Souls week away in Bath – my first major thing for work since I was off from 1st Jan. All seemed to go smoothly and happily, which was rather a relief for all concerned. The focus this year was the grace-freedom we have in Christ – which Paul expounds so superbly through Galatians (which i’ve come to think is the earliest NT document, taking the Southern Galatian view – not without its problems but there you go). It was such a good thing for me to get into after all this time – and in the end I found myself casting aside all the commentaries (apart from when I was chewing on some imponderable or another) and just wallowed in the text. Marvellous.

The talks are now available for download on iTunes as a podcast, or if you don’t have that, as a direct feed from Jellycast. The six talks went like this. And because you can’t have long music clips on them, these are the tracks I played with YouTube links for each one.

Some have asked where I got the 2 video clips from. They were both created by Dan Stevers

Here is the handout booklet which you can also download to follow the proceedings.

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  1. Brigid of Kildare

    “..just wallowed in the text” That’s the spirit!
    Looking forward to listening to them on our way to England in September. Driving the boring continent is such an opportunity to hear good stuff.. and enough time as well.
    How is the sequel of Book of Kells doing?

    1. quaesitor

      hope it doesn’t cause an accident!
      the sequel is going ok – in depths of chapter 4 at the mo. haven’t quite got the hang of the pretty pictures yet, however…

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