The observant will have noticed that there has been a significant slowdown in Q postings in recent weeks. There have been a number of reasons for this.

It is mainly because every spare moment is dedicated to writing my next book (It really does seem to be happening – and it’s gotten serious – I’ve signed legal thingies and all). I will continue posting the odd thought (as I have been), and then will resume a full schedule as soon as possible.

Regular readers are humbly requested to bear with, not to give up hope, but gratefully requested to sustain Q through whatever means in the meantime (prayer, dark chocolate bounty bars, Glenmorangie, oxygen tanks, anti-conspiracy-theorist bubble gum).

Thank you.

And because I love it, here is a favourite from the wonderful Roz Chast

NewYorker 22 mar 2010 - ungooglable

And here is a pic of me writing my book (unfortunately, I’ve had to lay off my amanuensis due to his personal ambitions).


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  1. Brigid of Kildare

    Judging by the monks on the picture you must be writing the sequel to the book of Kells or Durrow or the like..

    O beatissime lector, lava manus tuas et sic librum adprehende, leniter folia turna, longe a littera digito pone. Quia qui nescit scribere putat hoc esse nullum laborem. O quam gravis est scriptura. Oculos gravat, renes frangit simul et omnia membra contristat. Tria digita scribunt; totus corpus laborat. Quia sicut nauta desiderat venire ad proprium portum, ita et scriptor ad ultimum versum. Orate pro Quaesitoro, indignum sacerdotem vel scriptorem sed habentem deum protectorem. Amen.

    that one seems more appropriate than sending chocolate or whisky in this heatwave, though there happens to be a bottle of Glenmorangie in our home. 🙂 keep on writing!

    1. quaesitor

      Yes, I definitely see myself as a Kells-inscriber’s successor.

      Gratias votis consolationibusque tuis tibi ago.

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