Well, this is a first: a Quaerentia competition with REAL prizes (rather than the virtual Crunchie bars which I’ve so generously offered in the past! But the lovely people at IVP have given me a few free downloads of the recently published e-book of Cross-Examined. VERY exciting. Just what you always wanted for Christmas I’m sure. I completely realise that it’s themes are more to do with Good Friday and Easter Day, but it seemed reasonable enough to give them away for Christmas.

It’s strange really – the book was published a week before my daughter, 11 years ago, just 2 months before our post-publication flight (!) to Uganda. I’m so thankful to IVP for keeping it in print all this time, and hope that it will continue to be helpful and encouraging.

Cross-Examined ebookSo here’s the deal.

Using Q’s Contact form here, the 4 most witty and original completions of this sentence will be sent a download code (that gets you both the e-pub and mobi versions of the e-book). My decision is final – and basically I’ll choose the ones that amuse me the most. Closing time is 18:00 (GMT) on Saturday 29th December. All Clear?!

So here’s the challenge:

I really NEED a copy of Cross-Examined because …

And while you’re at it, IVP is offering a whole load of EXCELLENT offers on all their new ebooks (significant discounts available until 31st Dec, PLUS a free copy of Tim Chester’s excellent Good News to the Poor)

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