Never one to lose the momentum of a bandwagon, here are some more great moments from Charlie Croker’s Lost in Translation. All very silly and as I said last week, very unfair.

But quite fun nonetheless.

Air China brochure

Dear Passenger, Wish you have a joyful journey! When you are in public talking and laughing and drinking and singing living a happy life, suddenly you feel some part of your body is too itchy to endure. How embarrassed! Please dial fax 01-491-xxxxx, you will gain an unexpected result

Chinese in-flight magazine

We’d like to offer our affection as a gift by the white bird on sky to every genuinely go the same may together with you. This is our only requite to you.

And another

Besides, try to prepare all you need before pack, and then, you can arrange everything’s position entirely, or you will make yourself confusion.

Danish airline

We take your bags and send them in all directions

On airsickness bag on a Spanish plane

Bags to be use in case of sickness or to gather remains.

On a luggage trolley at Singapore airport

Not to be removed from Crewe station.

Heathrow Airport, London

No electric people carrying vehicles past this point.

Japanese Road Sign

Stop. Drive Sideways

In a Japanese taxi

Safety First. Please put on your seatbelt. Prepare for accident.

Petrol station, Santa Fe, New Mexico

We will sell gasoline to anyone in a glass container.

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