Reliable as ever, The New Yorker Cartoon production line has produced a few corkers recently.

Couldn’t resist these. Especially the killer paisley. I’m now on high alert for this hitherto unforeseen strain.

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  1. Rob Green

    Thank you for your fantastic blog – I really do get SO much out of it brother.
    I wondered whether you realised the Medal Of Honor Video Game was advertising on your page.
    I read that the ‘storyline’ which is of course key to the game is…”Medal of Honor Warfighter tells the story of U.S. Tier 1 Operator, “Preacher” as he returns home from overseas only to find his family torn apart from years of deployment. ”
    Still not sure whether the Preacher reference justifies having an ad for such a game on one’s site?

  2. quaesitor

    thanks for the encouragement. i fear, though, that I have no control over the adverts at all – they are all automatically customised to whomever is visiting. It costs money to have an advert-free blog sadly.

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