Bizarrely, two new books from the same author arrived in the post on the same day. Sam Allberry’s new IVP UK book on the Trinity called ‘Connected‘ appeared alongside the American edition of his earlier book ‘Lifted’ – both of which were books I’d done blurbs for.

Having done this for Lifted when the UK edition came out, here is my blurb for the Connected, which I read a while back when it was still in manuscript form:

Sam Allberry has returned with another characteristically fresh and readable introduction. With wry humour and solid biblical moorings, we are drawn back to marvel at the wonders of God, Father Son and Holy Spirit. He writes simply without being too simplistic and thus has produced a great book to put into the hands of young believers hungry to grow in their understanding and faith.

Get the book here. It’s a great and easy read and full of good stuff.

My only  small gripe is the cover which relies on a rather discredited trinitarian illustration. Surely it would have been better to go for something inspired by the book’s title itself. But ho hum – that’s not Sam’s fault at all.

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