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  • In the spirit of ‘I’m Sorry I haven’t a Clue’, Tom Wright sings his own overview of Genesis (and indeed whole bible) co written with Francis Collins, to the tune of the Beatles’ Yesterday

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  1. Tx for all the new treasure – but could we ELF-people please have Luke’s parable tapestry as well ?? I couldn’t find it in the rest of your treasure box, neither in the All Souls departement 😉
    (Applied and tried the learned stuff on my bible study group the day I went home – the loved every bit of it. They never realised how much one gets out of one’s bible, without – and that was their most astonishing moment – any commentary; if only you ask the right questions and always have the rest of the bible in mind)

    Shalom to the north-west

      1. oh, tx – that one I found for myself 😉
        No, I thought of the ‘prettier ones’ and the one slide you showed the chiasm structure ….

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