This is a bit of an experimental departure for me. But whether it’s successful or not, I had fun doing it. Anna Blanch asked me to offer a short piece to put on Transpositions, the fab Arts & Theology blog she’s involved in. So I had a stab by reflecting on the extraordinary art of Alexa Meade.

She doesn’t simply paint portraits. She paints the people she is painting. Literally. And the results are startling. It’s a bizarre combination of painting, installation and photography. And it all got me thinking a great deal about the whole business of masks and what they reveal or conceal. Check out the whole article here:

The Prophetic Power of Alexa Meade’s Living Portraits

I have to say I’m a total fan, and follow her output on her Flickr page which she updates from time to time. I recommend you do too…

But to give you a taste, here are one or two… (click on the image to get to the original)



By the way, if you’re interested in the picture I mention at the start of the article, (Sea-Dancer by Gino Severini) you can see it here.

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  1. Solange Barber

    Your paintings are very vivacious and captivating. they grab the eye and makes the onlooker entirely engrossed in the artistry and fantasy of the moment. Thank you for portraying such a delightful entity.

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