On Thursday lunchtime, I was speaking at a little gathering near Tottenham Court Rd – and was struck by the in-your-faceness of billboards for Derren Brown’s show, heralding “the wonders of the occult”. So I just got my phone out and started snapping. In the few minutes it took to walk to the tube, I encountered several evidences of the city’s multi-hued spirituality.

Just a tiny indicator of the intensity that characterises London’s marketplace for competing worldviews and lifestyles. In a small way, I suppose, it felt rather like Paul must have done in Athens

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  1. Gerrarrdus

    Of course, within your short walk you’d have been within a few hundred yards of those two stalwarts of their Anglican traditions, All Souls’ Langham Place and All Saints Margaret St. Not to mention some marvellous churches the other side of Oxford St. London’s a wonderful place.

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