Last weekend was a weekend of weddings. There was a certain wedding down the road from us on Friday; we went to a lovely, small family wedding in deepest darkest Herefordshire on Saturday; and I was preaching on the GREAT wedding of Revelation 22 at All Souls on Sunday. But I’m not going to talk about any of them now.

Instead, I feel a strong urge to post this photo from the tiny, ancient church that we gathered in on Saturday. It is St Margaret’s Church, in the village of St Margarets not too far from Ross on Wye and overlooking the Welsh border. It is stunning countryside – and in the April sunshine, was rural England at its absolute best.

But as you leave the beautiful little building, you are confronted by this above the door:

I can only assume that the expectation is for all who’ve been sinning during the services jolly well put a stop to it as soon as they leave. After all, what sort of witness would that be? I think this is asking for a CAPTION COMPETITION, n’est-ce pas? So, standard Q terms apply – best submission in comments gets a Q virtual crunchie bar…

Anyway… here are a few other lovely local sights


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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. Russ

    Caption comp:

    “It was originally aimed at the choir, until someone scratched the ‘g’ off …”

  2. Archdruid Eileen

    “Next time we re-grout the doorway, I’m not going to poke it to see if it’s dry yet.”

  3. Ken

    “For next week’s wedding put up ‘I have bought me a cow'”

  4. quaesitor

    well, so far so good, friends. I think the Archdruid has it for being completely out of the box…!

  5. Conrad

    Just to share a paraphrase of that verse by Jim Cotter:

    I would rather beg in the burning sun
    on the threshold of the house of my God
    than sit in cool courtyards
    of luxury and worldly success.

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