It’s a bit of an in-joke in my family – but when i visit places, I tend to take more photographs of places than of people. It’s not that I don’t find people interesting. Quite the reverse in fact! It’s more that I often only take photos when I’ve a couple of hours off to wander around on my own with a camera. One of the things that I’m always intrigued by is the contrast between light and shadow – and playing around with the exposure settings to see what happens. Normally am completely hampered by lack of a steady hand and tripod at the right moments, but every now and then things come out ok.

So here are a few from a new Flickr compilation I’ve put together to bring various light and shadow moments together in one place. The first couple are from Lund in Sweden last week. I especially love it when the shadows create strange new shapes or juxtapositions – and so particularly enjoyed the way that the eves of this Swedish building (in the first picture) evoked statues’ heads, a bit like the famous Easter Island heads…

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  1. AndrewFinden

    You could always put some people in the shots to show scale or add atmosphere – like the alley with a dark figure in the background..

    1. quaesitor

      i think they always seem me coming! Or they don’t stand still enough for a slow shutter!

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