Our small groups are studying the book of Hosea this term and so last week I had the job of giving an overview and providing background for it.

In my prep, I was particularly struck by the effect of reading the relevant chapters of 2 Kings (ch 13-17) alongside Hosea, because these give the historian’s verdict on each of the Israelite kings who were Hosea’s contemporaries. I also found it very helpful having preached on the life of Solomon last term (see post last Dec) because that puts everything into perspective.

You can download the talk here (you may have to get a free login to get it – and beware – the sound quality is pretty rubbish for some reason). Here is the accompanying handout and talk outline.

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  1. Tom Pettinger

    Thanks Mark, I love the book of Hosea. Amidst all the apparent smiting and wrath in the Old Testament, it gives us a different view of God – a view a friend from an old church describes as “a rejected lover, standing in the rain with a tattered bunch of flowers in his hand, having the door slammed in his face again and again.” It’s really heartbreaking.

    1. quaesitor

      yes indeed – that’s a potent illustration

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