Not quite sure how it started, but a handful of very kind people have given us orchid plants over the last year or so. Lovely. They stand in a nice little row along our kitchen window.

But over breakfast the other morning, I suddenly had this unnerving sense that I was under surveillance. And as the photo below hopefully proves, I’m not actually paranoid… yet… They resemble a trio of rather aggressive swans from this angle, with an accomplice on the side, keeping guard.

Slight overkill to send 3 in methinks. Not sure I’ve got any beans to spill either for that matter. But hey – careless talk costs lives and all that…

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  1. A friend of mine who was studying nursing at the time, was doing a unit on mental health, and she told us how one particular way to tell if someone was crazy was to ask them the difference between an apple and pear; sane people, she said, would always try describe the different shape and taste etc, but apparently, a dead give away was the response of “nothing, they both have government microphones in them!”. 🙂

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