A small team of us have been working for months in planning and preparation – and, at last, the day has arrived. The new version of the All Souls website is OUT THERE! Hurrah.

The basic pages have been created – i.e. the information needed by a visitor trying to discover what’s going on. But there are a lot of things still to do. It won’t get a full launch until our Partnership Sunday on 30th January 2011 – when every church member will get a login and password automatically, and the full functionality of the site will be up and running.
Our aim is that the site will achieve 3 different purposes:

  • A Shop Window – helping visitors (whether believers or not) find out a bit about the church and how to join in
  • A Global Resource – sharing the many resources built up over many decades of ministry at All Souls. For example, some of John Stott Sermons going back to 1960s are amongst the many things available for free download (login for this is available NOW for free)
  • A Community Builder – All Souls is a large and very spread out community – once everyone has a login next year, it will function as a form of social network – whereby groups (from ministry departments like the youth work, down to an individual home group) will all have their own pages and walls for posting and interaction.

There’ll be lots of hiccoughs and challenges along the way – but it’s a great start.

I’ll also be announcing an exciting crowd-sourcing project associated with the new site in due course. Watch this space!!

If you want to know more about the ethos behind what we’ve been up to, check out this paper I wrote earlier in the year.


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