Well this is all a bit weird. But I’ve been contacted by the lovely people at Wikio to give me a sneak preview of the new November rankings for blogs on literature. And Q has entered the rankings at 14th. Which is a surprise to say the least. Certainly wasn’t aiming for this – but it’s encouraging to know that someone out there is occasionally dropping by.

Happy days.

1 Crooked Timber
2 Charlie’s Diary
3 booktwo.org
4 Asylum
5 Cornflower
6 An Awfully Big Blog Adventure
7 Stuck In A Book
8 Savidge Reads
9 Reading Matters
10 BubbleCow
11 Pepys’ Diary
12 A Don’s Life – Times Online WBLG
13 The Book Smugglers
14 Quaerentia
15 Just William’s Luck
16 dovegreyreader scribbles
17 UrbanTick
18 My Favourite Books
19 Book Chick City
20 Elizabeth Baines

Literature Ranking written by Wikio

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  1. hoda

    Great,Well done.

  2. chris oldfield

    weird: my old philosophy tutor Chris Bertram helps write Crooked Timber, and my old housemate Simon writes Stuck in a book! 1,7,14 – bit like matthew 1:17!

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