We celebrated 5th November en famille early – and here was a jammy shot from above of everyone watching a rocket head out.

Yesterday we visited Langley Abbey – a family-run farm built up around a pre-Reformation Abbey, dissolved by Hank 8. There’s now a cafe and you can wander round the remaining buildings and ruins. Lovely. These shots are in the Abbot’s cellars, the second being the breathtakingly beautiful brick roof:

Then this was quite a fun shadow shot – Joshua was standing in a window, which was then reflected on a glass balcony wall:

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  1. J-M Arden

    Why visit an Abbey?
    Were there not monks there once? Was not the blasphemy of the Mass (Article 31) celebrated there once? Did they not hold processions of the Blessed Sacrament for Corpus Christi and light candles in front of statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary for the Assumption (Article 25)? Were they not benighted fools, mummering Paters and Aves in a language they did not understand (Article 24)? Did they not make man-made vows and follow human traditions that have nothing to do with the Gospel (Articles 20,32)?
    Or were you visiting a place where people sought God, lived and died trying to follow the Gospel of Jesus and, above all, sung the glory of God with psalms day and night and prayed and studied and cared for the sick and indigent?
    So why were you writing about it as if it were simply a nice day out in the country? Either it’s a glorious monument to the liberation of England from the dreadful Catholic yoke or it is yet one more vestige of what was wiped away from England during Thomas Cromwell’s carnage.
    What it is not, Mark, is a photo opportunity….
    There, rant over.
    Mind how you go. But watch out for those Papists. Been disappearing (pace Bunyan) for 500 years. And yet, oddly enough, are still here. But when you have finished re-inventing the wheel (never read Scott Hahn?) take a PILGRIMAGE to a REAL Abbey. Here, have a look: http://www.barroux.org/monial/monialpres.html
    God go with you.

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