The poem that every Eeyore should sing…

by Benjamin Franklin King (1857-1899)

NOTHING to do but work,
Nothing to eat but food,
Nothing to wear but clothes
To keep one from going nude.

Nothing to breathe but air,
Quick as a flash ‘t is gone;
Nowhere to fall but off,
Nowhere to stand but on.

Nothing to comb but hair,
Nowhere to sleep but bed,
Nothing to weep but tears,
Nothing to bury but dead.

Nothing to sing but songs,
Ah, well, alas! alack!
Nowhere to go but out,
Nowhere to come but back.

Nothing to see but sights,
Nothing to quench but thirst,
Nothing to have but what we’ve got;
Thus thro’ life we are cursed.

Nothing to strike but a gait;
Everything moves that goes.
Nothing at all but common sense
Can ever withstand these woes.

On a completely separate point, i was depressed to discover how hard it was to track down images of the original EH Shepard Winnie the Pooh drawings on Google. I had to wade through 1000s of the wretched Disney bowdlerisations before finding this one. It’s the end of civilisation as we know it. It’s enough to make me feel quite pessimistic about the future…

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  1. Nick

    Kenneth Clark turns in his grave as we speak …

  2. Nick Fortescue

    On the separate point, searching for “EH Shepard eeyore” on google images gives lots of relevant images on the first page, and if you click on “Black and White” at the side, you get almost entirely EH Shepard images, including the one you eventually chose. No wading necessary

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