Q’s been getting a bit too heavy recently – so here’s some silliness from the wonderful poet, Kit Wright.

The Orbison Consolations

Only the lonely
Know the way you feel tonight?
Surely the poorly
Have some insight?
Oddly, the godly
Also might,
And slowly the lowly
Will learn to read you right.

Simply the pimply
Have some idea.
Quaintly the saintly
Have got quite near.
Quickly the sickly
And prob’ly the knobbly
Look deep into your eyes.

Rumly, the comely
Will understand.
Shortly the portly
Will take your hand.
Early the surly
Dispraised and panned,
But lately the stately
Have joined your saraband.

Only the lonely
Know the way you feel tonight?
Singly the tingly
Conceive your plight,
But doubly the bubbly
Fly your kite…

And lastly the ghastly
Know the way you feel tonight.

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