Part two of the resurrection narratives series. Last week, Matthew 28, this week Luke 24.

The talk was called The scriptures must be wonderfully fulfilled, and this is how it seems to pan out:

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  1. Ian Paul

    There is an interesting parallel and contrast between Luke 24.12 and John 20.6f. John explains what it means for the linen cloths to be lying ‘by themselves’ ie separate from one another, which shows that the body was not unwrapped. In both accounts, Peter sees but does not yet believe, but in John the ‘other disciple’ sees and believes–though neither still understand this as a fulfilment of Scripture.

  2. quaesitor

    yes Ian – it is fascinating – one of the things that has me most about all 3 accounts as I’ve worked through them, is precisely this point. The disciples get it but don’t get it, they believe but can’t believe it. wonderfully real!

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