At last night’s ASLP prayer gathering, I did a little slot on the General Election. It seems to me that there are number of areas that should concern a responsible vote (by no means an exhaustive list and in no particular order):

  • Justice and fairness
  • Responsible borrowing and responsible prosperity
  • Punishment of eviland wrong-doing
  • Protecting the vulnerable
  • Combating hatred and extremism
  • Good stewardship of all God’s provisions
  • Trustworthiness and integrity of candidates

A verse that should certainly underpin Christian civic duty which should inform how we vote (even if the verse’s original readers never had the privilege), beautifully summing up what it means (in Peter’s words) to be servants of God:

1 Peter 2:17

Show proper respect to everyone:

  • LOVE the brotherhood of believers
  • FEAR God
  • HONOUR the king.

Various people have coming up with election guides and the like (one or two I’ve nicked from The Simple Pastor) – but for what it’s worth, here is a little summary to help guide how to follow these principles in your vote.

Why Vote?

Voter Resources

  • BBC has loads of great stuff
  • The Power of your Vote – work out how powerful your vote is in your constituency (based on marginality, size and boundary changes). A few friends have played around with this – it’s quite fun though actually I’m not 100% convinced. If you check out the power of those in the most marginal of seats (acc to the BBC site above), it comes up with some pretty odd answers. Still, it might help you if you want to vote tactically. Mine is worth only 0.092 compared to the no 1 slot held by Arfon at 1.308!!
  • Christians and Candidates 2010 – news of various hustings that churches and Christian groups are holding in the next few weeks. It also includes a brief summary of individual MPs’ voting records on a number of a red flag issues (though some will question why some issues and not others are included).
  • The Public Whip – if you want a more thorough listing of voting records and other parliamentary stats, this is a really useful site.
  • Vote for policies not for personalities – find out who you really should be voting for.


  • Soul Politics – some very sensible and insightful stuff here…
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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Greg

    The voter power website says that the average UK vote is worth 0.253 votes. That seems nonsensical, it means that the “vote” by which they measure voting power is actually a mythical quantity worth 4 real votes. Multiply your answer by 4 to get your real voting power!

  2. quaesitor

    well, that’s what happens with statistics! but even if it has anomalies, I’m sure it points to something of a reality because of the first past the post system…

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