I was asked by some friends at CARE to plug this, and I was very happy to do so. A great way to combat to prevailing political apathy. It’s a great website – a really good starter pack – and of course the campaign name’s play on words is a nice one…

Here is the blurb they’ve sent about it:

Make The Cross Count 2010 features a range of resources that will help equip Christians to actively participate in the forthcoming General Election. The policy issues that will be covered in detail are the ones CARE has policy experience in, however we will have a My Manifesto section which will include policy suggestions from various church leaders, theologian and public intellectuals, written in non-technical language. Once the election campaigns get going in earnest, we will be updating the site with content just like a blog, with comment features and so on…

The site includes the following:

  • A hustings guide: This guide contains everything you need to know to organise a successful hustings in your local constituency.
  • My Manifesto Project: Christian leaders and thinkers explain what policy issues they would like to see in a party manifesto.
  • Faith and politics bible studies: An excellent resource for individuals or small groups
  • Policy papers: Researched and written by CARE’s public affairs team these provide an overview of key policy areas and help Christians think through the issues.

We are also on twitter: @careorguk

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