This has ended up being a bit of a bumper one too! Hey ho. Enjoy.

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  1. Ah, except your guide to semi-colons is wrong on lists. They need to be introduced by a colon!

  2. Just to add a note of caution regarding Anne Atkins’ column – Knowing a couple of the people implicated in one of her personal anecdotes, I know that there are two sides to that particular story. I’m not saying that she’s wrong in her assessment of the overall situation, and I know she and Shaun have been very hurt by their experiences, but I wonder if using her media profile to unpack her experiences isn’t unhelpful, maybe even verging on a misuse of her position?

  3. The best headline ever must go to the Sun, which pointed out halfway through the season that Man Utd’s goal keeper Edwin Van Der Sar had only conceded goals on his left. Hence: Pass The Dutchman On The Left-Hand Side. Brilliant.

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