Well, as the snow tumbles throughout the UK, I feel slightly guilty about sharing these – but not that much. We’vejust got back (after a rather hair-raising journey) from a week on the north coast of Tenerife. (We’ve got into the habit of finding last minute package deals over New Year – so we’re entirely dependent on what’s still available when we book a few days before – seat of the pants stuff but fun and cheaper!) It was great to get away from the UK cold and to avoid the tourist madness of the island’s southern beaches.

A real highlight was being just below the summit of Mt Teide (a volcano that last had a major eruption in the 18thC) – Spain’s highest mountain (3700 metres) with stunning views, though we all felt the effects of the altitude. It has the most extraordinary lunar landscape (the sunken valley in the view below was the result of other ancient volcanoes collapsing, creating a this mini-desert encased in a ridge) and being so high above the clouds was spectacular…

The journey back meant driving down through the cloud cover, giving views that you only expect on movies:

A few other views…

  • Candelaria

  • Puerto de la Cruz

  • Garachico quayside

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