podcast gospel global Every summer, we have an All Souls week away called Cornerstone. Each year we seek to get our heads round one particular book, and this year’s focus was the Book of Acts.

This is how I broke it up (and gave it cringingly contrived alliterative headings):

  1. Acts 1: Mission Momentum
  2. Acts 2-6: Bound Believers
  3. Acts 7: Heinous Hostility
  4. Acts 8-15: Aliens Accepted
  5. Acts 16-20: Gospel Guardians
  6. Acts 28: The Story Doesn’t End Here… (an all age talk for the final morning, not recorded)

There was also an optional evening seminar on Acts & The Holy Spirit. The aim of Cornerstone is both to be a chance to go more in-depth than is ever possible back at All Souls, as well as to have a holiday. So we have an intense start to the day – each session is 50-60 minutes long, followed by 30 minutes of small group discussions – then the rest of the day is for fun and jollity.

These are now all available as an iTunes podcast (or if you prefer, you can get them direct from the host, Jellycast).

For those who are have been asking, the most helpful book in preparation was Chris Green’s brilliant guide to teaching Acts, The Word of His Grace. It’s one of those books to sell your shirt for (though Amazon currently says its temp. out of stoke – I do hope that’s not a bad sign). What I particularly valued in Chris’s stuff was his big picture approach (invaluable for what we were trying to do this summer). He’s plugged away at Luke’s overall structure and purpose and seen how that works out along the way. Because my brain is especially prone to working that way, I particularly found his tables helpful – some of which i nicked, adapted or developed for the handouts.

These are available here:

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