p4l questionnaireIn the run up to the series of Passion For Life events next Feb/March, we’re doing this survey at All Souls for non-churchy friends. It takes the question that Rico Tice has used for years as the launchpad for the first evening of the Christianity Explored – and we’re using it to devise the 3 sermons that the boss, Hugh Palmer will preach on the surrounding sundays:

  • 28th February 09
  • 7th March 09
  • 14th March 09

I thought I’d join in the fun and do a Q survey of my own – have cheated slightly by second-guessing some of the answers, but there’s still a space for you to add in your own if you don’t like the suggestions…

There’s a limit to the number of votes this can receive – but click on the survey image (above) to get to the real thing…

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  1. Nick

    Maybe it’s a leading question – knowing that God would answer a question, would itself be the answer to the most pressing question many people have. But I still think it’s a great question to pose, not ‘heavy’ and a great conversation starter, but one which might open up a lot of issues that could be fruitfully explored.

  2. David Keen

    Given what’s happened to the Alpha ‘does God exist’ online survey (comprehensively hijacked by a few atheist bloggers and their followers) you might want to make sure that this one only allows people to vote once.

    I’m intrigued to know if these questions derive from the top ones already being asked by non-Christians, or if they’re the best guess by Christians of what non-christians might be asking?

  3. markmeynell

    only one vote allowed on this one…
    the list on this mini-survey is one that i came up with from my own experience of conversations. not scientific or thoroughly researched… just thought would get things started!

  4. David Keen

    Had a great meeting with our local Street Pastors this morning, and they talked about some of the questions they get asked by clubbers and the general public on a Saturday night. A few of the ones you list, plus some others – myself and another church leader asked if they could give us an idea of the most commonly asked ones, as it’s probably the tip of the iceberg for the issues most other people have. There seemed to be a common experience of hurt and rejection by the church, either actual or perceieved, as well as questions about death (we have a lot of Forces people in the area). A lot of folks just seemed to appreciate the chance to offload to someone who’d listen without judging them.

  5. markmeynell

    you’re too right there – would be fascinating to see what list your guys would come up with…

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