One of the RSS feeds I follow is from a provocative little site called – and they never fail to come up with the most irritating and wretched examples of religious people doing really stupid things. Occasionally the site unfairly lays into religious people doing pretty sensible and reasonable things – but that doesn’t make much of a story for them, as one can probably imagine. Anyway, the site is reporting from the sharp end of the (mainly) American culture wars.

I wasn’t expecting great things from this little encounter – after all, Bill O’Reilly does have a certain reputation… But look at this and take notes… on how NOT to do it.

On this one, I was with Dawkins all the way… I mean honestly – it has it all: name-calling, preventing rational discussion, interruption, absurd and incoherent arguments… I’m impressed at how Dawkins managed (mostly) to keep his cool.

Far better, if you’re interested is the DVD of The God Delusion Debate between John Lennox and Richard Dawkins, both Oxford professors. Intelligent, respectful and challenging (despite the frustrations of the format). You can get it through the Ravi Zacharias Trust store for only £9.

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  1. Greg

    The thing about Richard Dawkins is that he seems to like enaging with nutters, as it makes him look better by comparison. In his books he argues against straw men and caricatures, and in public he likes to debate with people who don’t stand a chance, ecause he’d find it to difficult against Rowan Williams.

    Remind me, I don’t think he ever actually did debate with Keith Ward, did he?

  2. markmeynell

    great point Greg – i’m sure you’re spot on there… Don’t think so re Keith Ward. It is intriguing that he’s done 2 matches with Lennox though…

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