nucleus hopeA few months back, I was asked by the folks at NUCLEUS, the CMF student magazine, to write up an overview of the Bible for them, on the back of having done the Hitchhikers’ Guide To The Bible at this year’s New Word Alive.

So now the latest edition has come out, and if you’re interested, you can check it out here:

If you want the original talks free, you can get them from iTunes here.

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  1. lisacolondelay

    How interesting. I’ll have to read the 3,000 words!

    There are plenty of biblical stories that are hard to understand. I venture to propose that many are so much so, just simply b/c we don’t live 5,000 years ago in ancient Israel when these stories were authored. What does come through as a running stream through Scripture of the kind of God is, and his nature. Many people–at first–tend to impose traits on God that are quite human. If they assess their presumptions of God, they will see that they most often resemble, and quite closely I might add, the characteristics of their own father, or another human authority figure they are familiar with. “Normal” yet misguided.

    God is holy, he’s not like a man (or person) too much. He is also, and we must really “get this”, truly good. If we fully understand his nature and the continual redemption he offers and always has, we can follow that stream, and love and worship our Good Creator loyally, without understanding him through and through.

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