I post this satirical blast for a number of reasons.

  • it makes me cringe – because it could so easily have been made by a Christian in earnest… (in fact, there were awful moments when I really thought that it had been – I wouldn’t put it past someone out there…)
  • it illustrates what many people assume – and shows the absurdity of many of the assumptions made by Christians about those who themselves make assumptions
  • it is clever and well produced – but so full of logical leaps and flaws that it sent my brain into worldview overdrive.

Watch and learn!

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  1. wkshank

    Yes – cringe is a good word for my reaction too, for a couple of reasons. I am tempted to shout “This is exactly why the church MUST sharpen its weapons of apologetics and think more deeply than anyone else.” And we should. Then again, a darkened heart is a darkened heart. What’s at least as disturbing to me is that when this man stands before his Maker and sees the holy, righteous anger that his mocking has kindled, his plea that “too many of your followers were vapid, platitude-spouting non-thinkers” probably won’t help him. (And I’m sure he’d roll his eyes at my saying that, too.) May God have mercy on him, and on the rest of us mockers.

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