Appraisal coverWell, well, well. Our workplace ministry team came out in force yesterday to produce a cracker of a day for our Workplace Sunday. Lots of useful stuff there. In particular, the 2 talks were great:

Then throughout the day, we plugged the great book by old friend and erstwhile colleague, Jago Wynne, Working Without Wilting. It’s a brilliant, funny and insightful book – am planning to post a proper review in due course. (Be afraid, Jago).

One of the most helpful things that Tim, Dim & Charms organised for the day was the workplace appraisal – which i’ve uploaded and attached. Check it out and feel free to use – they’ve agreed for it to be distributed to give more people the opportunity to think methodically through how they are working out their faith in the everyday and mundane.

The ASLP Village People Tribute Act
The ASLP Village People Tribute Act

It should go a long way to putting a stop to that wretched and nonsensical divide between the sacred and secular.

Which leads me onto the humiliation of the morning. For the families’ slot, the dynamic trio organised a little line-up – a barrister, police officer, nurse, structural engineer, and er… vicar. And they asked the kids who the full-time Christian worker was. Ha ha. Answer: All of us. By the way, I’d just like to make clear that this was the ONLY time that I’ve worn robes in a main service at All Souls in 4 years.

Tim in his evening sermon then put the icing on the cake by suggesting that we were a Village People tribute act. So there you have it.

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