carson-woodbridge-lettersFollowing on from the post about Carson’s Q&A, as i reflected on what he was saying about ministry and calling etc, I remembered reading Carson & Woodbridge’s ‘Christian novel’ Letters Along The Way. It came out in 1993, and i remember reading it with huge benefit. I’ve a horrible feeling it is out of print now (which is just plain WRONG), but you can track it down through various sites (incl Amazon marketplace).

It is pure gold. Full of pastoral wisdom and the expereince of years of ministry – it is an anthology of letters to a fictitious young believer as he goes through the Christian life from conversion all the way through to working in ministry and service. 

Get hold of it. Read it. Live it!

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  1. Richard Frank

    Agree entirely – oddly I stumbled across it today for the first time in a few years when I was (at long last) reorganising (and dusting!!!) the bookshelves (that’s a lot of dust!) and was thinking that I must read it again and lend it out.

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