The web is spewing reactions to the album – faster than anyone can keep up with – lots of +ve and -ve stuff. The world is full of people who love to hate U2, and who love to love U2, with not a lot in between. Bono doesn’t help by being an arrogant idiot sometimes (bit lame to say his insults to Chris Martin were just a joke). But still, there’s so much to get your teeth into with this album, as ever.

So i’m keeping an eye on U2sermons – an ever-ready help in such circumstances. Also always interested in what Christian Scharen has to say on these things – but couldn’t help be stung a little by his charge to those who indulged in precisely what i’ve been doing as being akin to trainspotting. Well – i suppose it is a bit geeky. But then, I’ll do it anyway (and not care too much – i won’t notice the passers-by and they certainly won’t notice me). Digging around the lyrics has certainly helped me to understand what is going on – and to explain why they took many of the musical decisions they have.

But an ultra-geeky thing i’ve done is to see what happens you combine all the lyrics from the album onto one Wordle. So here it is. The outright winner is as you’d expect (for ‘love is our law’)- but it’s quite interesting to see what follows (far) behind it… (Click the image to get detail)

Isn’t just a fab thing?

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  1. Chris Scharen

    Mark, I LOVE the trainspotting and do it myself! My point is WE do that but the secular magazines struggle to know what to do with all the faith talk, scriptural and otherwise. Peace to you, and keep at it.
    Chris Scharen

  2. Beth

    Mark, hope you don’t mind @U2 picking this up from my blog — you should get a big bump in traffic anyway.

  3. Nick

    I would love to see the word thing for all of their albums!

  4. markmeynell

    Thanks all – and I have no problem with people linking, Beth!
    I’m going to try to do this for the other albums… and see what we get

  5. markmeynell

    Oh, and Chris, thanks for the endorsement – from one trainspotter to another…!

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