Thanks to Alex Webb-Peploe for this link – fascinating article from the Sunday Times – about the impact that Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali is having, and the similarities with Mary Whitehouse, although the main difference being that Nazir-Ali is getting more of a hearing and respect than Whitehouse ever did.

No more retreat – the right finds its moral nerve by Minette Marrin


This comes in the week when Nazir-Ali’s controversial and oft-derided remarks (about there being no-go areas for non Muslims in Britain) seem to have been proved true. Two church leaders in Birmingham have been accused of hate crimes for leafleting and visiting in a ‘Muslim area’. See Faith Central’s Is Preaching a Hate Crime?

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  1. erin

    It is unfortunately sickeningly typical of the world we live in today. In trying to gain equal rights for all, we have instead gained special rights for some. Take hate crime/speech for example. If a call a homosexual a “fag” or discriminate against a Muslim by saying he is a terrorist, then I could face time in a federal penitentiary. If I make a comedy sketch or God forbid draw an offensive cartoon, people could be killed over it. But if someone does things to a Christian, it is applauded. It is the epitome of INequality to be sentenced to 15 years for harrassing a homosexual, while the same crime against a Christian gets you 6 months or less in a county jail. Equal should mean equal, not special or extraordinary because of the group you belong to. Crimes that stem from hate are wrong, period. But when my faith is excluded from this protection, then the system is ridiculously biased, regardless of the fact that it is against the majority, and not a minority.

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