Well, Tim Chester has done it, so I feel i can do the same. It seems that the trendies of UCCF have gotten creative – and produced a students 10 must-read list for the recent New Word Alive spoofing TV programmes and ads (from Antiques Roadshow to The Office via Top Gear, Jamie Oliver and M&S food ads). Pretty funny really. Although, I suppose I’m a little confused (call me narrow) why the guy who did my book (who I’m sure is a very lovely bloke) started riffing on why he’d like to be an orange with everyone wanting to peel him. Weird. I wonder what he would have come up with if it still had the old cover (see right).

For info, the books are:

  • Glory Days, Julian Hardyman (IVP)
  • Cross-Examined, Mark Meynell (IVP)
  • Out of the Salt-Shaker, Rebecca Manley-Pipert (IVP)
  • Dig Deeper, Nigel Beynon & Andrew Sach (IVP)
  • Delighting in the Trinity, Tim Chester (Lion)
  • Let the Nations be Glad, John Piper (IVP)
  • Battles Christians Face, Vaughan Roberts (Authentic)
  • Sex is not the problem (Lust is), Joshua Harris (Multnomah)
  • The Devoted Life – Introduction to the Puritans, Kelly Kapic & Randall Gleason (IVP)
  • God’s New Community, Graham Beynon (IVP)

HT also to Dave Bish

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  1. Michael

    I thought it was a bit odd too. Not the book, the promo, the book’s great, the topic’s immense. Maybe I’m out of touch with youth culture. They do say no publicity is bad publicity (although that’s probably untrue). Because it’s quirky it may stick, I still remember the ‘int milk brilliant’ original.

    Hope you and the family are well Mark.

    God bless.

    Mike O’C.

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