aslp-podcasts-sun.jpgaslp-podcasts-midweek.jpgThanks to the valiant efforts of our faithful and hardworking webmaster, Pete Bowman, All Souls sermons are available as a podcast. There will be 2 – one for Sundays (available now) and in due course, a separate one for midweek. You can subscribe in iTunes just by clicking on the left-hand logo.


If you’ve not discovered the archive, it is an amazing resource – going back 40 years. So for instance, you can download the sermons which John Stott gave in preparation for his Bible Speaks Today commentaries. And there are even a couple of vintage Billy Graham talks from some of his missions in the 50s.


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  1. Wendy Shank

    I am thrilled to find these sermons available! I was an American student studying abroad (London) in 1982, just finding my way back to my faith. All Souls was the site of God’s calling me back to himself for good. John Stott, Michael Baugham, and the student fellowship there are fond memories. I remember specific sermons that were instrumental, and I will enjoy as many of them as I can find online.

  2. Kim

    Billy Graham has ministered to almost every single American President (since his time in ministry). It would be interesting to hear those POD Cast. I’m not sure what will happen now that he is so ill. The So. Baptist have lost me in many ways due to interpreting the Bible so literally.

    What “Christian” like behavior when my home town church I grew up in (going alone there as a child) drove the last Pastor out by dumping dirty daycare diapers al over his home lawn.

    Thanks for sharing. Very neat site as theology isn’t my strongest point.

    God’s speed to you in all things.


  3. Bill

    Thanks so much to those who made these sermons accessible in this way. Now in San Francisco, I was at All Souls 21 years ago and listening to them again is a privilege.

  4. dpcpastor

    All Souls is wonderfual Rico Tice Preeached at our church last year and was such a blessing. Stott is listed on my blog as one of the “Great Lives: that have changed me. Chek it out here and let me know what you think.

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