After recent posts about a Doctor’s work in Afghanistan and the debate between Dawkins and Lennox, i now have some links you can follow up with:

  • Wakhan Development Partnership – find out about Alex and Eleanor Duncan’s work in Afghanistan’s Wakhan corridor (one of the poorest places on earth) – and if you can/are willing, get in touch with them to contribute funds (they need ONLY around £50,000 a year to do all that they do – which is incredible, considering the huge importance and value of what they are doing).

And then there’s this:

  • The Dawkins/Lennox debate will now be broadcast live online on the Moody Radio website – unfortunately for those of us this side of the Atlantic, it will be 7-9pm USA Central Time on Wednesday 3rd (ie. Thursday 4th at 2-4am in the UK!). So probably the best bet is to get hold of it afterwards from Fixed-Point.

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